Sugar price in Pakistan

Are you looking for Sugar Price in Pakistan? Over the last 2 Years Prices are varying Significantly on weekly basis. Sugar is the fundamental ingredient of kitchen household items and is used in almost every dish whether Breakfast or Dessert for lunch or dinner even if you drink a cup of tea you still need sugar. So Price of Sugar in Pakistan is rising increasing due to very high demand. You can check Sugar Rate in Pakistan daily at

Sugar Rate in Pakistan Overview

With Highest Inflation, Local Government Administration is taking preventive measures to control Sugar Rate in Pakistan. But there are alot of factors affecting sugar prices. One is the Sugarcane Price in Pakistan, which is the Basic Ingredient in Sugar Manufacturing. Load shedding and fuel prices also makes sugar manufacturing expensive therefore Sugar Prices are increasing almost like every week. Below you can have an overview of Sugar Rate in Pakistan.

Sugar Rate in Pakistan Today 9th August, 2022
(in Different Cities)

Price Range of Sugar Varies from 90 Rs/kg to 120 Rs/kg in different Cities of Pakistan. Provincial Government at District Level decides Sugar Price on daily basis. We have complied Sugar Rate List in Pakistan to give an idea about the overall Sugar Rate in Pakistan. Sugar price list in Pakistan is mentioned below including different cities. SO which every city you live in you can have an idea about the Price of Sugar in your Area.

Sr #City DetailsSugar Price per Kg
1Sugar Price in Karachi TodayRs (110 – 115)
2Sugar Price in Islamabad TodayRs (105 – 110)
3Sugar Price in Lahore TodayRs (95 – 100)
4Sugar Price in Quetta TodayRs (115 – 120)
5Sugar Price in Faisalabad TodayRs (90 – 95)
6Sugar Price in Hyderabad TodayRs (105 – 110)
7Sugar Price in Peshawar TodayRs (100 -105)

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