Wheat Price in Pakistan

Wheat Price in Pakistan – Introduction

Are you looking for Wheat Price in Pakistan? In Pakistan wheat prices rose to record levels despite an export ban in the face of a strong demand and decreasing supplies from the heatwave that has damaged the crop. “Most of the farmers have sold their crop. Negligible supplies are coming up for sale even though demand is robust,”

Pakistan in an Agricultural Country and fulfills its wheat Demand. But, The government predicted less production this year due to an extreme heatwave that occurred during March and April.

A decrease in supplies is also evident in government procurement for wheat. So far this year is at a 40% compared to the same timeframe in 2021. The government will be left with a small reserves to interfere on the market. Until supply of the new season arrives by March 27.

Wheat Price in Pakistan for August 2022

In the year 2019-20, wheat production was recorded in Pakistan over an area of 21.8 million acres, resulting in a total yield of 25.5 million tones. The average yield in Pakistan was around 31 Quital per acre , which amounts to less than 50% the capacity for production.

The price of wheat is updated every year by Government upon the need of farmer. When the New Crop Comes in Market, but this Rate is then updated every month depending upon the Demand and Supply of Wheat in Market. Below we have listed Wheat Prices for August 2022 among different Provinces of Pakistan.

Province1kg Wheat Price in Pakistan40kg Wheat Price in Pakistan50kg Wheat Price in Pakistan

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How much does 1kg of wheat cost?

The government of Pakistan has set the minimum support price (MSP) of the wheat crop for the year 2022 at Rs. 2,200 per 40KG and 55 Rs per KG at the End of March. Right Now the Price of 1kg is around 75Rs.

What is price of 1kg flour?

According to Government of Pakistan Price of 1kg Fine Quality Flour at Utility Stores is around 80 Rs/kg.

Which Wheat is best?

Durum wheat, often known as pasta wheat or macaroni wheat, is grown in India. It is also one of the best quality wheat variety in the World.

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